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Banana burfi

rich in banana taste, this is an easy dessert to make.

Chocolate fridge cake

here's an easy cake that even a small child can make with a little help from an adult. feel free to experiment with different fillings, as long as the ratio of chocolate to the other goodies remains the...

Decadent fat free chocolate treat

this recipe is perfect for those watching their middles! one of my favourite breakfast or snack recipes for those cold winter, or cooler fall mornings. it is superb as a fat-free dessert option too! this...

Cuppa slice

simple and tasty slice served to me with a cuppa from a lady who runs a b&b. i liked it so much that i asked her for the recipe.

Cookies in a cloud

this recipe was in my mom's power bill. it is credited to sara elizabeth sams of tuscaloosa, alabama. i have not made this yet, but it looks yummy! i think it could easily be halved and made into a square...

Chocolate joints

recipe passed down in the family. note that this recipe needs to be refrigerated overnight and refrigerated an additional hour or so before serving, time which is not accounted for in the prep/cooking...

Coconut blondies

these are awesome. i can't wait to try the chocolate chip version. from "the all new good housekeeping cookbook"

Easy apple bars

from outpost natural foods, in their diabetes fighting flyer. this is almost a one dish recipe. everything gets mixed together in the pan.

Cissy bars

these taste a lot like pralines with a lot less work.

Copycat hungry girls guilt free peanut butter fudge

fudge unpluged (haven't tried yet, tell me how it is!) hungry girl has done it again. armed with nothing but pumpkin, some brownie mix and a very lowfat pb, she’s whipped up a version of chocolate...

Cookies n cream brownies

you won't want to frost these brownies, since the marbled top is too pretty to cover up. besides, the tasty cream cheese layer makes them taste like they're already frosted. the crushed cookies add extra...

Double chocolate cream cheese swirl bars

this is a good bar! you cant go wrong with chocolate and cream cheese! 8)

Clark bar squares

chocolate/ peanut butter addicts...beware! you'll be hooked on this one!

Coconut pralines

i've been making this favourite square recipe for over 25 years.a brown sugar shortbread base with a mouth-watering, deliciously sweet coconut-pecan praline filling. these are always a hit!

Peanut butter banana brownie pizza

this is great to take to work and easy to carry, too. not surprisingly, it's also a big hit with kids (if they like peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate!)

Fudgy chocolate chunk brownies

a big hit at a recent cook-out. they were gone before we had finished bbqing the main course!

Dreamsicle bars

i haven't made this one yet, but it sounds very yummy! i plan to try to make it sometime this holiday season. i found it in a cookbook called "gifts in a jar --bars & brownies"

Date loaf bars

i love dates, and so i love to try anything with them in it. these were gobbled up even by kids....not sure if they knew what dates were!

Easiest ever blonde brownies

only 4 ingredients! what could be easier? these are so rich that you don’t want to make regular size pieces. the 10 minutes prep time includes crushing the graham crackers. this recipe is so good & rich...

Date bars

the wonderful flakey oat crust is what "makes" these bars, if you want a really smooth date filling mixture then cool slightly and puree on the food processor:)

Chocolate chunk brownies

i got this recipe from cookbook that i rented from the library over 3 years ago... i really wish i had written down that cookbook's title because it had some awesome recipes, in fact i have some more recipe...

Dump bars

the easiest fudgey brownies you can make without a mix. one of my most requested recipes--even my kids' friends ask for it!

Banana chip bars

super easy and absolutely delicious. these bars never last longer than a few hours at our house.

Chocolate mascarpone brownies

these are, in a word, sublime. this is not a recipe to cut back on the quality of the ingredients; since you're going to be buying mascarpone cheese anyway (which isn't cheap), go for the gold and buy...

Chunky chocolate jam bars

this recipe is from kraft foods and sounds as though it would be great for the holidays. the recipe calls for raspberry jam but i think that strawberry would be equally good and festive.

Congo squares

this recipe was passed down from my grandmother, when my mother and her family lived in india in the 30's and 40's. if you like toll house chocolate chip cookies you will love this recipe. they are...

Cinnamon ginger bars 4 ingredients

have you ever seen a recipe like this? i havent! it came from my mothers collection (she has some great stuff!) i thought it wold be a simple,fun treat for around fall.8) **i estimated the cooking time,as...

Chunky blonde brownies

my kids really love this. easy and tastes great.

Chocolate yummies

these are delicious no bake bars, that taste like smores!

Cranberry walnut bars

entered for safe-keeping. from simply classic by jr. league of seattle. preparation time includes 1 hour to chill the crust dough. may use pre-chopped walnuts, however it is easier to burn the smaller...

Easy chewy kids cookies

simple recipe. no forming balls or dropping them on the sheet, simply cut into squares after cooked. so easy! cook for 12 min at 350 degrees


someone gave me this recipe years ago - so easy to make! the only "cooking" time involved is melting the chips.

Chocolate coconut slice

this is a quick and easy slice to make using ingredients you'd have in your pantry. i increase the ingredients by 1/2 to fit the size of my slice pan and it works great.

Chocolate raisin cookie bars

this is another dessert bar made from sweetened condensed milk, so delicious, and so easy!!

Coffee frosted mocha brownies

wow!!! a most pleasing way to get that extra jolt of caffeine;)

Cranberry blondies

one more great way to use cranberries!

Copycat reeses peanut butter no bake bar

a friend posted this on facebook.

Chocolate crispy bars rice krispies

great for a get together or a easy snack. easy for kids to make too

Health chews

this is one of my childhood favourites that my nana used to make when ever i visited her in sydney.

Coffee nut bars

my mother gave me this recipe a long time ago. she has been making it forever. i believe she told me she got it off the back of a coffee jar. :) i usually double it and put in 9x9 to make thicker bars...

Peanut butter slices

quick and easy!!! that's what these are! the kids will enjoy helping to make these no-bakes, which are perfect for lunch boxes!

Easy chocolate chip cookie bars

with the help of a cake mix, these bars are put together in a snap.

Coconut lime curd bars

a delicious and different taste from lemon squares. cooking time does not include chilling in fridge. from real simple magazine, may 2005.

Coconut nantu

from a hawaiian community cookbook. i think nantu is a kind of mochi.

Really easy very chocolatey brownies

a "twist" on a box mix that makes it seem homemade. every time we have something at work, i am *always* asked to bring this.

Dutch cookies

these lightly spiced butter cookies are similar to janhagel, a popular dutch cookie. jane valentine talbert of encinitas, california, uses pecans instead of the more traditional almonds. **cookies will...

Coconut chocolate slice

very easy and cheap slice that the whole family will like. made from ingredients you will easily find in your pantry.

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