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Cucumber cleanser drink

the beetroot is the big detoxer here. don't drink more than one beetroot a day at first, you have to build it up gradually. drink it when made. try to use organic produce. this might not be the most delicious...


this salvadorean condiment resembling coleslaw is customarily paired with pupusas.

Dilly carrots

simple appetizer or side dish, served cold.

Cream of carrot and ginger

a delicious (low calorie) creamy soup. i found the recipe in a magazine article and just knew it would be great. i just made it last night and had to share. serve with a nice multigrain bread and a...

Duchess soup

my sister got this recipe years ago when she took a cooking class. it is fit to serve to a duchess! it is delicious!

Curried mustard slow cooker beef roast

this recipe makes a very tender, flavourful roast and the leftovers are great for a roast beef sandwich. i found that the roast was ready to carve after 8 hours but use your own judgment as all crock...

Dairy free asian inspired coleslaw

this is a fresh, crisp coleslaw that my sis and me came up with one night to go with our dinner. its referencing some asian flavours and we think its really yummy. i hope youll enjoy it, too!

Colorful sauteed vegetables

this has a very pretty presentation and is a good way to get in a bunch of veggies! you're welcome to use whatever greens you would like, including cabbage. this can be vegan if using only olive oil...

Copper penny salad

this recipe is one a church friend brings to our monthly potluck

Crunchy bok choy slaw

i found this recipe on while searching for recipes using bok choy as an ingredient. i haven't made this yet, but it sounds delish and easy to prepare. if you try it before i do, please share...

Country soup

a family favorite on a chilly night. serve with bread and it's a meal in itself.

Cumin carrots

cumin really tastes great on carrots. spices them up just right!

Easy chicken pot pie pies

comfort food all the way and a pleasant surprise for the family to boot. these pot pies will satisfy a "man-sized" appetite. i was astounded as to how nice they turn out!

Dolly parton coleslaw

my grandma never cooked from recipes or even owned a cookbook. this is the one and only written recipe that anyone ever knew her to use, and it is delicious. southern ladies know their coleslaw.

Curried coleslaw

from the show "licence to grill"

Beef chop suey

easy to make, and also very adaptable. chop suey is the classic chinese-american dish. this one's mainly a vegetable dish with beef added for extra flavor.

Drstevers filipino stir fry

i developed this recipe for my wife: a labor and delivery nurse. she is on her feet for 12 hours a day and must eat on the

Clam soup

this recipe is posted by request-please let me know how you like it.

Creamed cucumber

from my high school home economics book, i'd never heard of using cucumber in a cooked dish and my garden is going crazy at the moment with them so thought i'd give it a go. i think it's supposed to be...

Creamy carrot soup low fat

a creamy soup made with evaporated milk and rice.

Mexican bean hotpot

a hearty mexican vegetable dish made with red kidney beans. to vary the dish, vary the beans. and to make it vegetarian, omit the bacon or replace it with vegetarian sausage. i have posted this recipe,...

Guinness and sheep casserole

so sorry, bo peep. i found your lost sheep. and would ya just look at what i did with them!

Company carrots

a friend of mine gave me this recipe and i love cooked carrots about anyway you fix them.

Crispy carrots

carrot patties

Crock pot short ribs and cabbage stew

a beefy, sweet, spicy un-thickened stew topped with short ribs. try mashing up your potatoes in the sauce with a fork - a left over penchant from my childhood.

Deviled carrots

another yummy recipe i found on an australian cooking website! for zaar world tour 8

Quick easy steamer bag vegetable soup

i am tired of the cost and similar taste of all the canned soups out there, but i wanted something that was almost as easy to fix for lunch. as an added plus, my son said it was the best vegetable soup...

Cottage carrots

savory carrots baked in a cheese sauce.

Dilled carrots

great side dish. (originally from weightwatchers)

Cock a leekie herb bread a b m dough cycle

looking for a different herb bread? you found it! this is a whole wheat-rye-instant potato flakes bread, flavored with chicken bouillon granules, carrots, dried leeks and herbs, with a little sweetness...

Taste of heaven mushroom and carrots biryani

this is a wonderful layered rice dish that uses mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes in lieu of meat. it tastes excellent and is nourishing to the core!

Cranberry glazed baby carrots

i love glazed carrots and these sound good. i am putting the recipe here so i can find it for the next time i make chicken or turkey.

Salmon with sage butter root vegetables in parchment

a beautiful one-dish meal with gourmet flair. all the ingredients are placed in a packet of parchment paper, which seals in moisture and allows the juices of the fish and the butter and spices to flavor...

Easy creamy cole slaw for 2

this recipe plus a package of slaw mix is a 10-minute side when any last minute meal is needed. flavors do blend if made ahead and allowed to chill a few hours... makes a more juicy cole slaw if slaw mix...

Ginger cole slaw with plums

i've been trying lots of different types of coleslaws this summer. so when i saw this recipe in a weight loss magazine i knew it was one i would want to try. plus, i just bought some rice vinegar and...

Coffee carrots

tasty carrot recipe and healthy to boot. i believe this came from the heart assn. cookbook.

Delicious gluten free carrot cake

this all time family favourite has just received a new twist! a deliciously rich gluten free cake that everyone can enjoy!

Stir fried pork soup

from taste of home.

Cucumber carrot salad

this is super easy, very tasty and travels well so it's great for picnics, lunch bags, whatever. it tastes wonderful at room temperature. from the chicago tribune, originally attributed to ron bilaro,...

Vegetable cream

soft and tasty cream.

All purpose chicken broth from the crock pot

recipe by: lynn nelson at busy cooks (this recipe works well for chicken quarters also!)

Creamy carrot soup with star anise

from bon appetit 2005. comforting and delicious! for presentation, garnish each soup serving with a whole star anise if desired.

Creamy cowboy mixed up stew

why mixed-up in the name? this recipe uses a lot of "different" things altogether to make a very good and filling stew. my 1 year old daughter loved it so much, she was even licking her plate clean (which...

Brined and roasted thanksgiving turkey with simple gravy

for succulent meat, brine the bird. stop your turkey from being dry by brining it and not overcooking it. also,when serving roasted chicken, you can brine it first to keep it moist. brining means your...

To die for nutless carrot cake

carrot cakes don't need nuts in them to be good! try this version of a recipe i originally found in chatelaine mag. don't be put off by the length; it's no harder than any other carrot cake!

Cream cheese spice bread

if you love sweet breads then you have to try this recipe. the cream cheese makes it sooo moist and creamy. and the cayenne gives it a unique kick (not spicy). best when its warm and smeared with butter....

Carrot halva

this rich and satisfying indian sweet is simple to prepare, though it does take time and patience for the carrots to cook gently as you stir so that the correct consistency is achieved.

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