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Brain shake

found this at i must say this is not at all tasty! but it`s so good for you. try it with vanilla flavored soy powder. you do get a hint of nuttyness from the flax...

Diet friendly dill dip spread or salad dressing

i always offer this as a diet-friendly dip for raw vegetables at parties. it's one of my tried & true favorites. it came from the 1975 edition of the american heart association cookbook. it can also replace...

Dairy free potato leek soup

i love leeks, and leek soup, and wanted to introduce my significant other to the dish. but he is definitely a meat and potatoes sort of guy, so i compiled this version of the dish for him. remove the...

Crusted tex mex chicken breasts

here's a quick chicken dish thats great with refried beans and traditional mexican rice. enjoy!

Hamantaschen best ever

a friend gave me this recipe for hamentaschen, the traditional pastry of the jewish holiday of purim. the filling is more likely to please an adult than a child. to use up all the filling takes somewhere...


coquito is a puerto rican version of egg nog. it is to die for. i experienced this for the first time last year and i can not get enough. my friend gave me the recipe and she makes it only at christmas,...

Cilantro dressing

i love this with grilled or roasted veggies! non-fat yogurt and sour cream work just as well!

Low carb caesar salad dressing

this did not over power the salad. most caesar dressings do.

Cowboy coffee rub for grilled steaks

from "the healthy beef cookbook," found in june, 2006, country home magazine. sounded too interesting to not post or try!

Dressing 1 low sodium italian dressing

i make salad dressings since commercial ones contain way too much sodium. this is a recipe from betty crocker's cookbook, but i reduced the sodium, sugar, and substituted roasted garlic for raw.

Creamy pumpkin nog

this looks like an interesting change from the usual holiday egg nog. i plan to try it out this thanksgiving. from the herb companion.

Daufuskie freeze

i found this recipe in an old copy of family circle. we have been enjoying this drink at barbeques for years. try it and i'm sure it will become a favorite of yours as well.

Dirty banana

yummy is all i can say about this. using frozen banana produces a thick shake like adult beverage.

Date filling for hamentaschen

i can't always find date filling at the market. so i am posting this in case i ever need a recipe for it. recipe from food down under. filling should be refrigerated, and you may freeze it as well.

Christmas butter

serve it with yeast cake, it is so fine!

Chocolate colada

pineapples, chocolate what more do you need?

Cool breeze

a nice, fruity drink for those hot summer nights. a pitcher of these really quenches your thirst!!

Coconut chutney

this chutney is nice and spicey. it adds wonderful flavor to any indian meal. i like to couple cocunut chutney with a nice tamarind chutney.

Creamed parsnips

this recipe is from "new british classics" by gary rhodes. creaming the parsnips in this way, instead of just boiling and mashing them, gives them much more flavor.


found this recipe on the net in response to a request. here's what the recipe said:

Chocolate swirl milkshakes

mocha shakes make a delightful change. use coffee ice-cream instead of the vanilla and garnish with instant coffee.

Colourful minced mutton rangeela kheema

this week's winning recipe from the thursday magazine is here! this was submitted by sana shafi wagle.

Chocolate frappe

rich, frothy, cold, and delicious, and you can't even tell its low fat!

Chocolate banana ice cream

my vegan friends shared the idea of making ice cream out of bananas with me, then my family added our beloved chocolate.

Chutney dip

ok...this one can't get any easier!! yum!!

Cookies and cream smoothie

courtesy of ira freehof, the comfort diner

Taste of heaven mushroom and carrots biryani

this is a wonderful layered rice dish that uses mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes in lieu of meat. it tastes excellent and is nourishing to the core!

Cucumber lime agua fresca

found this in family circle magazine

Cilantro when you need it

i was trying to figure out how i could use up a rapidly wilting bunch of cilantro and i came up with a way to freeze it. i use an ice cube tray so they are single serving size for a burrito or rice and...

Citrus sunrise

"using pink grapefruit sections rather than plain ones gives this chilly tangerine sipper an extra jolt of sweetness.

Coconut margarita

from garduño's margarita factory

Curried shrimp spread

shrimp spread with a spicy tropical feel !!!!

Citrus muffins

a recipe from the issue of april 2007 of coup de pouce. these muffins have no eggs and no nuts.

Creamy avocado soup

this is a very flavorful, easy to prepare soup. i found it in southern living magazine in the august 2001 edition. **cooking time is chilling time.

Creamy leek and gouda soup

this is a creamy delectable soup worthy of home and company!

Creole spice mix

base creole seasoning mix - good to give away as a gift.

Hummus extraordinaire

the delicious middle eastern/mediterranean dip of goodness! my favorite way to eat this is to tear off a chunk of greek pita, scoop up a heaping helping of hummus & savour, however, many use it as a versatile...

Autumn maple cutout cookies

a cooking light recipe contest category finalist in desserts. by tracy schuhmacher (march 2007). allow time for the dough to chill.

Preserved basil

this came about when i had more fresh basil in my garden than i knew what to do with it. i posted a question to the cooking q&a board and with the help of jenny sanders, this recipe came about.

Chocolate banana ice cream

if you're looking for a healthy treat to feed a craving for chocolate ice cream, this might be the recipe for you. how can you go wrong with just three ingredients? this version is made from pureed frozen...

Dhall lentil tomato curry

australian woman's weekly dinner party cookbook.

Cracked pepper parmesan dressing

from cuisinart cook book. good on pasta salad. i love anything with worcestershire sauce in it.

Easy applesauce cooked in rice steamer

this is an incredibly quick and tasty applesauce recipe. the unusual cooking method is both easier and yummier. unlike stovetop applesauce recipes, this requires no added water so it's richer, and it...

Chocolate wine truffles

i referred to these in a post as raspberry wine truffles, because i had used raspberry wine. i've also used black cherry. so the name is up to the wine you use. you can also make white wine truffles by...

Creamy pistachio salmon pate

this a wonderful party appetizer served with crackers or slices of baguette, but the leftovers are terrific with toasted bagels for breakfast.

Raw cheez itz

this is a tasty and popular raw food cracker recipe. this version originally seen on the raw freedom community, it's a mod of a recipe from gone raw.

Creamy almond joy

a richer creamier drink to the almond joy dark

Easiest smoothie

my kids adore this. (who am i kidding? i love it just as much.) i only specified measurements because i could not submit the recipe otherwise. we always just eyeball it. blueberries are our favorite.

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