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Whipped peanut butter substitute one 1 point

i got this from a weight watchers online support group and hope it's as good as it sounds!

Crock pot cashew pork

pork with cashews.

Crispy chicken fingers with spicy honey mustard

these are quick and delicious. kids love them and they go well with fries and a salad for an easy to prepare meal. serve with honey mustard and/or your favorite bbq sauce.


coating mix

Curry salmon

an easy way to make a tasty, flavorful fish. my kids love it. sometimes i will broil this instead. we like lots of curry on it. unsure of serving amounts.

Chorizo con queso

this is the best con queso dip i've ever had. i got it from a great cookbook by a man named grady spears. i guarantee once you try this you will be a fan of his too.

Chorizo a healthy version

i have always loved the flavor of chorizo, but seldom ate it due to all the fat in it. in 2004 i purchased a simple electric meat grinder and started making my own sausages. now i know what is in there....

Coca cola basted turkey breast

who knew that coca-cola could make the most wonderful turkey breast? take a walk on the wild side and try this!

Delightfully different chicken spitzad spezzatino

update: i just tried to make was delicious but i managed to make it look a mess. only try this if you know how to make it properly(fried chicken makers probably could) or dont care what...

Macaroni and cheese homemade crusty

this recipe is very cheesy and filling. once it comes out of the oven, everyone will fight over the crusty corners.

Roasted garlic parmesan almonds salad topper

a different kind of "crouton" for your salad or to top your veggie dish. store in the refrigerator. this is really good.

Easy cheese straws

yummy appetizer for a party!! these were a hit for a recent get-together we had with friends.

Easy cheese nuggets

these are so good! crisp on the outside and melting cheese on the inside! this recipe was originally from betty crocker. servings depends totally on how large or small you cut your cheese. i prefer monterrey...

Easy cheese baked fish

i quite often bake my fish this way. easy & simple, nothing fancy, but we like the result. i actually do not even measure the ingredients anymore and just throw it together, but these are the original...

Crushed cracker pork

my 4 yrs old newphew and i really liked this recipe. we thought it tasted so good. when i made this i used thin sliced boneless pork chops as that's what i had on hand. i had to double the egg mixture...

Dijon honey chops

quick stovetop pork chop recipe. would be good served with a baked potato or pan fried potatoes and a salad.

Delicious easy steak

i love to grill...and everyone loves my steak. it is so simple, and delicious. it never fails when we have company over that someone asks me what i put on my steak.

Oktoberfest pork roast

this sounds yummy!

Crescent pizza

my son want pizza for breakfast this morning. he found the recipe in his 4-h book but we did not have the refrigerated biscuits. so we improvised and this is what we came up with. you can add cooked...

Crummy halibut

the topping on this fish is real crumbly, you may lose some of it getting it to the plate. but just spoon it on the fish, it tastes great!

Easter ham

i made a 10 pounder for easter sunday 2004 on the boat. i served it as sandwiches with beans, and potato salad. the problem i incurred was that when i went to place it in the oven, it was too big! i had...

Clam puffs

this recipe was in my mother's box of recipes. i moved her and my dad to a retirement home in june. there is a written message on top of this that says it is my aunt corryne's recipe. i am trying to...

Delicious chops of pork

fried pork chops

Easy 4 ingredient salmon teriyaki

my family & i love salmon and this is our favorite way to have it prepared. it's so easy and is fool-proof! only 4 ingredients! i use kikkoman less sodium teriyaki marinade & sauce. i usually serve this...

Grilled salmon with baby bok chop

recipe source: bon appetit (june, 2007)

Pincho moruno

pincho moruno is a moorish inspired dish that has been improved (i think) by the spaniards. it can be used with lamb or pork. i suppose you could do chicken or beef also but have never tried it with...

Cumin chicken

i found this guyanese dish on a site for caribbean recipes. the time does not include the marinating time (minimum 2 hours).

Copycat jimmy johns tuna salad receipe

similar to jimmy john's tuna.

Crock pot round steak and gravy

this recipe may take less time. it usually takes between 6 to 8 hours. i give the max. time for the cooking time.

Crispy baked onion chicken

from the knorr website. flavorful, moist and delicious. dec. 2007 note: i could not find the knorr soup mix, so i had to use lipton onion soup mix which was a bit salty and overpowering. if you use lipton,...


found this recipe on the net in response to a request. here's what the recipe said:

Cold chicken salad

i love this recipe - it is an old favorite of the family. my grandmother made this for me many times and now that she is gone, i have taken over making it for the family. everyone who tries it, loves it...

Ginger pork

very good pork recipe. given to me by a friend at work. you will want to make this often.

Easy cajun chicken

i actually got this recipe from the label on the chicken years ago. it's easy and foolproof.

Bacon wrapped smoked gouda stuffed chicken breasts

i found this recipe on another site when i was looking to use up some leftover smoked gouda. it's very flavorful, easy enough for weekenights yet perfect for a dinner party too.

Clam linguine

a very easy to make recipe that has a very nice clam taste. i developed this recipe many years ago and it has been enjoyed by all that have tried it.

Christmas ham in the slow cooker

perfect for a special weekday meal or for cooking your ham when the oven is taken up for the holidays. i love slow cooking ham on especially on sunday's while at church. there isn't anything better to...

Dijon chicken

this is a simple, economical dish, which can be a oamc meal.

Classic meat loaf

bhg,scott peacock recipe, adapted as suggested. i happen to love meat loaf, and this recipe is one of my all-time favorites.

Crock pot pork loin chops with apples

from our family gourmet chef, my sister-in-law tammy...with my own twist of course!

Crispy parmesan wings

found this "yummy" sounding recipe in woman's world.

Cookies frosting

hi, my name is jane and this recipie will make your cookies taste amazing!

Chorizo dip

this is great with other mexican theme dishes. we like it with tortilla chips-some like it right on a corn or flour totrilla. enjoy!!

Hoagie bake

i have not tried this recipe. i got it from copy kat chat.

Cuban pan fried steak bistec de palomilla

an easy to prepare marinated steak.

Easter lamb

wednesday circular of the rocky mountian news

Chorizo and cheese quesadillas

source: better homes and gardens

Easy and quick honey spice glazed pork chops

a fast, simple and very delicious weekday meal, served with potatoes or rice. this is very good!

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