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Nigerian coconut shrimp rice

don't have two coconuts? use a can of coconut milk with water to make 2-1/2 cups.

Mango salad from niger

this is what happens when you play

Egusi soup

this rich soup is native to west africa and comes from "ground egusi seeds give this soup a unique color and flavor. if you can't find egusi seeds, you can substitute pumpkin seeds. any...

Beef tsire grilled in spicy peanut marinade nigeria

from: “south of the sahara: traditional cooking from the lands of west africa” by elizabeth a. jackson.

Nigerian groundnut stew

this is posted for zwtii - for african/middle east, recipe taken from "the avon international cookbook". english colonists called peanuts groundnuts, giving this celebrated west african dish its unusal...

Black eyed peas and tomatoes with sauteed plantains or bananas

inspired by the dish red-red from ghana, this simple stew of tomatoes and black-eyed peas is traditionally served with fried plantains with variations all over africa. sauteéd bananas are a great substitute...

Akkara balls

often seen in nigerian roadside stalls. for time i often used canned beans just be sure to drain them well. when you buy these from vendors you often have a choice of sauces some homemade, some shop bought...

Peanut soup

a friend gave me this recipe. it is delicious. serve with wholemeal bread.

West african jollof rice

west african jollof rice is superb! my parents are nigerian. i grew up eating this rice and every eaten at every party where the host is west african. every west african country has its own version, however...

Jollof chicken and rice

this originated in french colonial africa. i found this in a cookbook under nigeria. it's very similar to jambalaya.

Egusi soup nigerian chicken stew

egusi soup, also called melon soup (because the egusi seeds come from a melon of the same name! you can use sunflower or pumpkin seeds though) is a delicacy enjoyed all over west africa, especially amongst...

Swordfish kebabs

serve with salad, pitta bread and hummous. this is a wonderful middle eastern dish. (originally published in the classic middle eastern cookbook by soheila kimberley (c)1998)

Nigerian beef in tomato sauce

from the food network, it states that this is a traditional nigerian dinner. sounds pretty good!

Nigerian suya

one of my favorite memories of nigeria was suya. it was sold beside the road, a nigerian vendor with sticks of meat over a brazier. they servied it with a piece of paper and cayenne pepper. i overlooked...

Easy banana chicken

popular african-style dish, no where will you find a version as simple as this one!!

Nigerian peppersoup seasoning substitute

peppersoup seasoning is a spice blend used in many nigerian soups and stews (not just pepper soup). most of its components are difficult to find outside of africa, although prepackage blends can be bought...

Plantain salad imoyo

imoyo dishes combine west african and brazilian cusine. in the 15th century, the portugese slave trade took many west africans to brazil. in the 19th century, some freed slaves returned and settled on...

West african peanut stew

variations of peanut (or groundnut, as they are locally called) soups and stews are eaten across west africa. i adapted this recipe from several different cookbooks + my own preferences. savory, spicy,...

Peri peri chicken with raisins

a recipe which is influenced by african and mediterranean cuisine where the fire in the peri peri chilies is balanced with the sweetness of the raisins.

Nigerian rice water

from: “flavors of africa cookbook” this unusual drink is served for either breakfast or dessert in nigeria. it is particularly popular in lagos.

Coconut rice nigerian style

i love this was always something that we ate back home (nigeria). i made the recipe to be very spicy but feel free to use half of the pepper or no pepper at all if you are not used to spicy...

Nigerian mango banana sundae

a quick & easy recipe for a delicious dessert.....ok, i doubt this is exactly 'traditional' but it comes from a nigerian food blog so here goes!

Puff puff

nigerian fried dough. great recipe for a fried bread. i enjoy this recipe because it is quick to make and it is very rich. it is very easy for anyone to make this recipe. my family has had this recipe...

Nigerian kidney bean stew with a peanut sauce

this recipe is from madhur jaffery's world vegetarian. it is very easy to make, and has a wonderfully rich flavour, or as she says "an unctuous sense of creaminess." serve it over rice, or with a good...

Shuku shuku nigerian coconut balls

this is a popular nigerian dessert. untested by me, posted for zwt iii, from

African beef curry

from the feb/mar 2008 issue of toh. submitted by heather ewald, who received the recipe from her aunt linda klassen who was a missionary in nigeria for 45 years.

Eggplant appetizer from nigeria

posted for zwt 4. a simple spread made to eat with flat arabian bread.

Suya nigerian chicken skewers

from the african cookbook.

Suya meat on stick

this recipe is from "my cooking" west african cookbook by dokpe lillian ogunsanya. it's posted for the zaar world tour event 2008.

Mango and banana sundae

great looking sundae from nigeria. adapted from the african cookbook by ben sandler.

Lennie's tarragon orange salad

this lovely salad has a distinctive flavour due to the tarragon, which also adds a touch of sweetness along with the sugar and the oranges. it looks terrific in the bowl and tastes even better. this salad...

Nigerian beef spinach stew

from the american heart association cookbook. the book states that if you were a member of the yoruba tribe in nigeria, you would make this dish with melon seed and call it efo egusi. efo means spinach...

West african peanut soup

this vegetarian, dairy-free soup is quite thick. thin with a little water if desired.

Potato beet cauliflower and broccoli salad platter

colorful traditional west african dish eaten with your fingers!

Jollof rice and chicken

posting this recipe for zwt ii - africa/middle east. jollof rice originated in french colonial africa. the subtle combination of flavors compares to the chicken jambalaya served in new orleans homes....

Nigerian peanut soup

i love peanut-anything. this is a delicious, nutty soup.

Chin chin

this is a nigerian cookie that me and my mom perfected. it is very simple to make and this is the best recipe out there. trust me, i have made this for many nigerian festivities and people tell me that...

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