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appetizer-size grilled pork and cheese sandwiches you just have to taste to believe. great for snacking anytime.

Crock pot cashew pork

pork with cashews.

Chinese pork soup

i found a basic chinese soup recipe on the internet and made a couple of modifications. the soup came out great, so i decided to post this one.

Oktoberfest pork roast

this sounds yummy!

Cumin pork tenderloin w apricot chutney

preparation time includes minimum marination time. a little hard to judge cooking time, since i cook pork & chutney simultaneously and they overlap.

Deliciously easy pork loin roast

this recipe is so simple but looks like you went through a lot of work! great for company. serve on a platter surrounded with the roasted vegebables.

Cuban pork stew

simple crock pot dinner.

Crock pot savory pork roast

i make this all the time. it smells wonderful as it cooks all day. my family loves it. it's even better the next day. we usually don't have any leftovers or very little.

Dry garlic ribs

easy to make easy to take...

Craz e curry

bright and colourful, this delicious asian-style curry (notice the very loose use of 'asian' here ) is both delicious and healthful and makes good use of craz-e contest ingredients! there is a bit of...

Pork cutlets with maple mustard and sage sauce

this recipe is one of my all time favorites. it sounds really strange but it is amazing. it's quick, easy and very yummy! it comes from an issue of bon appetit.

Crock pot pork and sauerkraut

traditional pa dutch new year's day meal. serve with mashed potatoes. :)

Crumb free pork parmagiana

i noticed that while there were several pork parmagiana recipes on, there was nothing without breadcrumbs for those of us needing gluten free/low carb. here's a very quick crumb-less alternative...

Crock pot pork tacos

a wonderful filling for tacos, burritos or on chips!! an easy way to wow people with no effort. great for mexican food buffet.

Pork tenderloin with fresh pineapple salsa

this is a somewhat tweaked version of a recipe i found in the 2007 taste of home the busy family cookbook, & then it was reduced to serve 2 of us!

Cider roasted pork loin

i got this recipe from my sister and i believe she got it from cooking light magazine. when i made it, i thought it wasn't thoroughly cooked because it's so juicy and i can't ever get my pork to turn out...

Stir fried pork soup

from taste of home.

Citrus pork

this pork has a light, citrusy sauce that isn't too heavy.

Buta dofu pork with tofu

another church cookbook recipe. if you like tofu and pork, this may be the dish for you!

Apple butter pork loin

this is a melt in your mouth kind of meal!!! it was super tender and my 4 yr old loved it!

Crisp sage and parmesan pork

a really quick,easy and tasty mid week supper solution that can be on the table in 30 minutes!

Swiss pork and mushrooms

a real kid-pleaser - strips of inexpensive pork chops smothered in a mushroom sour cream sauce.

Crock pot cranberry pork roast

this is a recipe from taste of home that i tinkered with. you will love serving this tender melt in your mouth roast. serve with creamy mashed potatoes.

Cottage roll cottage ham

i have made cottage rolls often but couldnt find a recipe here on zaar so i thought i would post my old standby. it is like a corned beef flavour wise but it is a ham made from pork shoulder. it is much...

Dr pepper barbecue pork roast

here's the 3rd entry in our 'cooking-with-soda pop' collection...serve with baked potatoes and steamed veggies for a nice meal!

Marinated pork tenderloin for the grill

i love to grill, no matter the weather! this recipe lets you bring a bit of the tropics into your home, regardless of the temperature outside. prep time is marinating time!

Grilled pork tenderloin with texas rub

i came across this recipe in one of my cookbooks and was describing it to one of my cyber friends so she asked that i post it for future reference. i haven't made this recipe, but i have to say it does...

Stuffed and glazed tenderloin of pork

this is my favorite way to cook pork tenderloin. it's glazed with apricot preserves, and stuffed with bread crumbs, dried fruits, and onions for good measure, which makes for a great company dinner!

Gypsy pork steaks

a simple way to do pork on the outdoor grill or under the broiler in cooler weather.

Coriander pork tenderloin with carrot ginger sauce

from bon appetite. feb 2000 - but i found it in my 2001 book. they say to serve it with jasmine rice with sesame seeds, steamed snow peas, a dry gewurztraminer and serve a melon salad for dessert. sounds...

Croatian bandit kebab hajducki chevap

in old time (during ottoman occupation) there were a lot of bandits in croatian, but also bosnian mountains. after a “good business week” they would gather, bbq and celebrate maybe enjoying this:

Cinnamon apple pork chops recipe

with fall aproaching and the leaves already begining to turn gold and droping what could be better than this outstanding (and easy) dish of pork loin, apples, cinnamon and pecans! good enough for company...

Cuban pork sandwiches

recipe is from taste of home and is being posted for zwt.

Stuffed pork roast

my mother gave me this recipe from southern living magazine, many years ago, when i was looking for something different for christmas dinner.

Pork strips

i was a college student when i came up with this recipe. (it really was all that i had in the cupboards) please enjoy my family loves it.

Filipino adobo

this is not my recipe, but i got it from this website it's one of the best i've tried, very true to the "real thing".

Citrus glazed barbecued pork loin

tangy, bbq-ey, delicious!

Grilled asian pork tenderloin

great bbq flavor with crispy edges with an asian flair. we use our grill rotisserie, but you can cook directly on oiled grates in your grill or as kabobs. marinate time is not included in prep time.

Smoky citrus kabobs

enhance even more using recipe #227473. serve over rice or with a coleslaw.

Currant jelly glazed pork roast

a recipe i found in a community cookbook put out by the fort polk owc called

Crispy pork tenders

chicken tenders can also be use instead of pork. and use a plum sauce instead of the mayonnaise.

Crock pot glazed pork roast with carrots and corn

i adapted this recipe from green giant. this is another family favorite.

Cranberry mustard pork medallions

this recipe, now slightly tweaked, was found in the nov 2008 cookbooklet, taste of home thanksgiving.

Pork tenderloin with low fat lime cream sauce

the original recipe uses 1 cup of whole cream instead of the non-fat sour cream. therefore it is alot more caloric but the flavor is fabulous. and you would have to cook the sauce a bit more after the...

Nutty pork

gave this 6 stars. easy too!!!

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