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this portuguese soup is posted by request; i've not made this recipe myself.

Cod portuguese

the portuguese are great fish eaters, situated as they are right on the rich atlantic sea board. one of their favourite fish is cod, but you can use any other white fish in this recipe.

Crusty buns

basic white dough is used to make dozens of shaped bread. although more time-consuming to make then kaisers and other breads that are shaped by machine, the traditional portuguese papa-secos, shaped by...

Cod fish casserole portuguese style

this recipe comes from the azores. i love it with a big piece of corn bread and a glass of wine.

Sweet bread

this bread is dense and has a great colour, good with stews, meat dishes or with tea or coffee. i got this recipe from a portuguese cookbook. and love making it. enjoy.

Bifana pork

this is a staple for the portuguese. the marinating time is not included. also.....the program does not recognize piri i put tabasco in...but please try to use the piri will give...

Coconut mousse

light coconut mousse, from marta benica

Chicken chorizo hotpot

a very simple and delicious 1-pot wonder. if you can't cook - this is the recipe for you.

Portuguese potato and cilantro soup

sopa de coentro from hot or cold.


posted in response to a request. my neighbor is portuguese and i get the impression that life would not be perfect without these wonderful rolls!

Mood beef portuguese beef stew

this is another emeril's mom (hilda) recipe. great way to make a thick and hearty beef stew. an excellent all-in-one meal!

Cinnamon bread bolihnos de canela

this bread smells really good when cooking, in little towns just outside of lisbon, slices of this cinnamon-scented sweet bread are passed out to children on all saints' day.

Portuguese corn bread broa

this is from carol robertson's "portuguese cooking". the author shared that this is not like american corn bread and is often served with potato and kale soup. i can't wait to try it!

Scratch lemon drink

a creamy, frothy, lemonade drink. from tudo gustoso

Bread machine portuguese sweet bread

this is very good. one of my family's favorite breads.

Cogumelos vila vicosa portuguese a mushroom recipe from vila vicosa in évora in the region of alentejo. presunto is the name given to dry-cured ham from portugal, similar to spanish jamón or...

Meat pies with spicy portuguese sauce

this traditional portuguese recipe is courtesy of emeril lagasse. the sauce complements the meat pies very well, but could also be used on pasta or even as a pizza topping. it's a long recipe but really...

Portuguese arroz con mariscos seafood and rice

a delicious portuguese one dish meal. this is a very popular dish in portugal. note: buying a bag of frozen seafood will work with this.

Herbed rissoles with mushroom sauce

entered for zwt 5 - round 1. in portugal, rissoles are known as rissóis and are usually filled with cod, minced meat, shrimp or (less frequently) chicken or a combination of cheese and ham. the australian...

Portuguese cornbread broa

broa is a yeasted cornbread eaten in portugal. i found this recipe at the excellent 'lip smacking goodness' blog.

Clam soup portuguese

got this from one of my old cookbooks--woman's day.

Portuguese chicken with peas frango com ervilhas

this may not be the official national dish or portugal, but it could be. fragrant with the sweet aroma of portugal's best wines, it's a dish you won't soon forget. adapted from worldwide recipes.

Malaysian portuguese eurasian yellow curry too easy

too simple. children love it too! this is an authentic portuguese-eurasian yellow curry, as my mom lives in the only village-settlement for portuguese-eurasian of malaysia.

Spiced beef

easy recipe i got off of the may issue of chatelaine. makes excellent meatloaf, burgers, meatballs and more.

Clams with chorizos

my husband and i have this in one of our favorite portuguese restaurant. make sure you have some portuguese bread to dip into the yummy, salty, garlicy juices.

Portuguese barbequed chicken

a moist and flavorful chicken that is so easy to make. i always make extra garlic oil to have on hand.

Portuguese spice blend

needed a spice blend for sausage and other recipes.

Amazing roasted shrimp with garlic

this is one of the best shrimp dishes i've ever had. it was inspired by a similar dish i had at bobby flay's restaurant bolo a while back. this is fantastic with a good crusty italian bread to spread the...

Molotoff unique portuguese meringue pudding

this is one of the most delicious puddings i have ever ate in my whole life, and what i love most about it is that it's extremely easy! it does not require special techniques :o) the only thing tricky...

Portuguese style red pepper paste

this sauce makes a delicious accompaniment to grilled fish or vegetables. from eating well.

Sardinhas a setubal portuguese baked sardines

i am working though posting some recipes from my portuguese cookbooks, this is adapted from portuguese cooking by hilaire walden. i plan on making this recipe but if you make it before i do, i would...

Portuguese paella

i love the blend of flavors in this dish. this is a hearty one dish meal. the secret spice is the saffron. saffron is expensive, but you must add it or the taste of authentic paella is lost.

Portuguese pork ragout with sweet peppers

a robust dish flavored with paprika, cumin, lemon and garlic. wonderful over egg noodles or rice or mashed potatoes!

Portuguese potato soup

recipe found in vegetarian passport by linda woolven

Oven baked sweet plantains

mmmm! i love plantains, especially sweet ones. this is a lower fat method of making "maduros" without the use of oil and frying in a pan.

Arroz doce portuguese sweet rice

this was always a family staple and while searching the portuguese recipes, i noticed it wasn't there and i just have to add it.

Quick kidney bean soup with savoy cabbage

entered for safe-keeping for zwt. by ana patuleia ortins from "portuguese homestyle cooking". per ms. ortins, "while you can use canned beans in a pinch, keep a watch on the sodium level. if time permits,...

Portuguese chicken and sausage

recipe from rachael ray. you can use leftover boneless, skinless chicken breasts for this recipe (or poach some beforehand). all you need is a nice salad to complete this meal. oh, and maybe a nice wine....

Portuguese pineapple picando burger

picando means spicy or prickly, and this burger with a bite is by cook-opera singer-and-musical performer susan mello. in 2003 it took top honors in sutter home’s build a better burger contest. although...

Birthday peanut butter chicken

this is a family recipe of a former roommate of mine. she was a little cooking-challenged, so she had her mom teach me all her favorite recipes so i could fix them for her! i used to make this every...

Portuguese vinegar marinade or sauce molho escabeche for fish

entered for safe-keeping, as portuguese cooking fascinates me, and this recipe promises some exciting left-overs. this can be used to marinate fish that has been fried or grilled: refrigerate for 2-3...

Grilled shrimp and chorizo skewers

this is a rachael ray 30 minute meals recipe that has been a staple of mine for a year or so. includes a recipe for piquillo gazpacho to serve on the side. (note: i have always used soft chorizo in place...

Oh my cod

an effortless preparation this dish will impress! enjoy this savory taste sensation. can be made with salmon, tuna, boneless chicken breast should be baked at 400 cooked to a temperature of 165 degrees...

Portuguese pork with wine and garlic carne de vinho e alhos

this recipe has you cook the meat before browning it. be sure to allow 5 days for the meat to marinate before you begin making this popular dish from the island of madeira, portugal.

Portuguese eggs in cotton

from "cuisines of portuguese encounters", in which the author gives recipes from her time in portugal and its colonies. she said this dish is popular in portugal and with the portugese-americans in southern...

Cilantro potato soup

something i had a few times while growing up --at a neighbor's and at avo's house. where i grew up, half the neighbors were from the azores, so it was good, good eating. it's not a recipe that needs...

Portuguese rapini soup

a light portuguese style soup that uses a chorizo sausage.

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