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Rotisserie eye round of beef

summer is grilling time and i love an outdoor grill with a rotisserie. here is what i did with a small roast and i wanted to share with you.


this is a tangy and sweet sandwich filling that can also be made with lean ground beef or turkey, or be made vegetarian by substituting soy crumbles and vegetarian worcestershire sauce. it's quick (prep...

Easy burritos

this is the easiest meal i have ever made! assemble in the crockpot the night before and plug in before you leave for work.

Coca cola basted turkey breast

who knew that coca-cola could make the most wonderful turkey breast? take a walk on the wild side and try this!

Easy crunchy chicken

i invented this recipe based on whatever i had in my cupboard, and when i cut into it to test the chicken for doneness...i heard a loud "crunch". this is really great, tasty and really crunchy. and healthy...

Curried mustard slow cooker beef roast

this recipe makes a very tender, flavourful roast and the leftovers are great for a roast beef sandwich. i found that the roast was ready to carve after 8 hours but use your own judgment as all crock...

Cumin pork tenderloin w apricot chutney

preparation time includes minimum marination time. a little hard to judge cooking time, since i cook pork & chutney simultaneously and they overlap.

Crock pot roast beef and horseradish sauce

horseradish plus roast beef make for one of my favorite food combinations. adapted from cooking light's slow cooker cookbook. leftovers make great sandwiches.

Easy 4 ingredient crock pot roast

i got this recipe from my mother-in-law and it is so delicious! the roast turns out so moist, tender, and flavorful with the perfect gravy to go with it. i like to serve it with mashed potatoes and steamed...

Crock pot roast with horseradish sauce

this is a very easy recipe that originally came from a southern living cookbook. the roast came out fork-tender and my husband loved it. don't forget the horseradish sauce. it's key to the whole dish.

Garlicky roast beef with mushrooms and onions

scrumptious sunday supper with just 6 ingredients! from woman's world magazine 9/14/04.

Crock pot teriyaki sandwiches

i love teriyaki sandwiches and this is an easy way to make the beef.

Pot roast provencal

pot roast, with a french twist.

Cornish game hens with herbs

very nice dinner party for 8, yummy with rice pilaf and a spinach salad.

Chinese pot roast diabetic crock pot recipe

submitted by marsha sabus from fallbrook, ca in the fix-it and forget-it diabetic crock pot cookbook.

Creole daube

as old as the swamps in louisiana, this recipe predates the title pot roast! this is the most wonderful tasting pot roast you'll ever try. worth every minute of the work! i have such fond memories of my...

Easy beef roast

i've made this for many years. you can even use this as a base step and begin adding herbs it's that versatile. can be made without mushrooms,-- add carrots, or no vegetable. serve with garlic mashed potatoes...

Creole cornish game hens creole chicken

i found this recipe in a church cookbook from louisianna (the submitter learned to make it in a cooking class called creole delicacies). the recipe didn't have any amounts listed for the ingredients so...

Daube french style

this is an old new orleans (french) style beef roast cooked slowly over low heat.

Christmas roast

my soon to be in-laws have been vegetarian for longer than my boyfriend has been alive. they eat morning star for meat. i will admit that is good stuff, well sometimes, but not the real deal. i was given...

Crock pot coke roast

this is best served with mashed potatoes and bread. the sauce can be doubled and used as gravy for the potatoes!

Cochinita pibil

this is a mayan recipe for an incredibly delicious "pulled pork" for tacos. we make this at the restaurant i work at, ciudad d.f. in dallas, but i actually like this recipe better. it comes from 'tacos'...

Crock pot roast beef

so easy, and the meat is so tender.

Classic beef stew

very simple and very easy! i like to serve this with rice, but some prefer not to add the extra starch. i make this in a dutch oven, although an electric skillet of good size will work. i found this in...

Crock pot peppercorn and onion pot roast

similar to some of the other pot roast recipes here, but i couldn't find one quite like this. very few ingredients makes this one easy pot roast to make and the gravy is delicious. great to come home...

Crispy crunchy potato bites

from super food magazine - i've got these ready to go in the oven at the moment though i scaled back for 4 serves and used 4 garlic cloves instead of 2 since they were very small otherwise made as per...

Coke roast

the coke tenderizes the meat, i got this recipe from home and garden party cookbook

Cod fillets with an asian lemon curd glaze

light and refreshingly not overly sweet. use store bought or make my lemon curd recipe #61278.

Cranberry raisin bread

before making cranberry sauce for my turkey, i always remove 1 1/2 cups from the bag of cranberries so i can make this loaf. you can also substitute cranberries for the raisins for an all cranberry loaf....


a quesadilla from basque - that more closely resembles an ultra thin crust pizza. the combination of roasted peppers and goat cheese accented with fresh herbs is just wonderful in this meal. i've enjoyed...

Bbq pork steaks

best ever pork steaks...cook these just they're ribs.

Crock pot bbq easy

i found this in an old quick and simple magazine, wanted to save it for a later day. it is an easy bbq recipe for the crock pot, found in the money saving tip of the week by teri gault. five minutes...

Yes virginia there is a great meatloaf

absolutely delicious meatloaf and sauce! those who claim they don't believe there can be such a thing as a great meatloaf will love this. based on a meatloaf given to me by a dear friend, virginia strehl,...

Curried pecans

an excellent snack for most any occasion--holidays, camping, sporting event get togethers, lunchboxes, etc. we can't stop eating them! these make a great gift, just cut a piece of cellophane and wrap into...

Danish roast beef

a recipe i found on christian's danish recipes, which has 600 danish recipes. this sounds very similar to what i do with roast beef. if you don't have black peppercorns, can sub ground black pepper....

Creamy roast beef sandwiches

you can also make the horseradish sauce for this sandwich ahead of time. refrigerate 1 hour or until ready to serve. serve cold with the sandwiches.

Crock pot pork roast and stuffing

i enjoy the fruitiness of this roast as well as the delicious stuffing...and it's so easy to prepare.

Company pot roast

ina's done it again! a pot roast to please your whole family and your guests will leave wanting the recipe. it will make your house smell wonderful. adapted to reduce the salt and pepper by 1 tsp. each...

Crock pot mahaca beef

the outcome of this recipe is shredded meat that you can use in place of regular ground beef taco meat. this is a really good mexican recipe that i got from a friend. i usually serve it shredded as burritos....

Cottage roll cottage ham

i have made cottage rolls often but couldnt find a recipe here on zaar so i thought i would post my old standby. it is like a corned beef flavour wise but it is a ham made from pork shoulder. it is much...

Cornish game hens oriental curried

cornish hens, like baby chickens are small enough to serve one per person. serve with your favourite roasted veggies, or bok choy and maple squash. a delicious recipe developed and shared by "chatelaine"...

Crock pot shredded beef

this is an easy, flavorable way to cook a chuck roast that offers lots of options.

Beef roast au jus

a nice tender meat.

Crock pot peppery roast

the sauce has a nice kick... less with less hot pepper sauce

Easy beef and noodle casserole

this is something i came up with when i needed something fast to feed my kids and i didn't have many resources in the kitchen. i got 4 stars from 2 kids and 5 stars from another, so that constitutes a...

Cajun oven fries

much healthier fries.

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