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Corn n spaghetti

this is a real shortcut recipe! it is economical, quick and tasty. kids love it.

Clam pasta

serve up a classic italian pasta dish with this simple recipe for spaghetti with a tasty clam sauce.

Creamy spaghetti with beef and veggies

from my fix-it and forget-it big cookbook by phyllis pellman-good. found on page 496. attributed to dale peterson of rapid city, south dakota, usa.

Crock pot spaghetti bolognese

first try of spag. bol. in my slow cooker and it worked out great. easily adaptable recipe, like lots of tomatoes, add extra! i didn't use oil to brown the mince as i used a non stick pan, certainly can...

Spaghetti loaf

this is a recipe that i just made up one day for my husband who had just had a lond day at work, and was craving something italian. it turned out great, and we have sense made this recipe two times.

Christmas eve pizza casserole

from christmas in texas cookbook.

Crab spaghetti

fast, fishy and fabulous, this easy to cook supper is an absolute delight.

Creamy crab and pea pasta

quick and easy to prepare and very tasty.

Durn good spaghetti sauce

who doesn't love spaghetti with meat sauce? i love cooking from scratch, but sometimes when i have a craving for this dish and not much time, i cheat and take bottled or canned sauce and add to it.....magnifique!...

Awesome and easy spaghetti casserole

this is a great alternative to spaghetti! it also freezes and is perfect for large gatherings. a vegetarian option is to omit the meat and use spinach instead.

Cowboy spaghetti with cheese sauce rachael ray

i saw rachael ray make this on her show and i thought it looked delicious. i made it tonight and it was outstanding. the jalapenos definitely add a lot of spice to the cheese sauce, so if you have little...

Red spaghetti

this is a dish i threw together one night (actually, i was on bed rest in the last weeks of my 1st pregnancy). we loved this dish so much - it was a huge hit. it's a basic spaghetti dish, but dressed up...

Creamy spaghetti

i found this on a package of philadelphia light cream cheese and it sounds good. it uses jarred sauce and cream cheese, i can't wait to try it.

Crock pot slow cooker or stove top chicken spaghetti

a versatile and tasty dish, either simmered on the stove 1 - 2 hours or in a crock pot for several hours while you're away. this recipe is equally good served over rice. serve with a large green salad...

Meatballs marinara

america's test kitchen recipe

Christmas spaghetti pie

one christmas, like so many unfortunately, we were extremely pressed for money and still hadn't bought presents for the extended family. i went waaaay out on limb with this one and it was by far the most...

Cold peanut soba noodles

i'm a huge fan of cold peanut noodles, especially soba noodles. soba noodles are japanese buckwheat noodles, and are great for vegetarians. a 2-ounce (dry) serving of soba noodles has 8 grams of protein...

Easy cheesy chicken parmesan

this is a quick, easy way to make chicken parmesan. the chicken breasts are baked--not fried--so i like to think it's a healthier version. enjoy!

Cooking light spaghetti and meat sauce

my new favorite recipe for spaghetti sauce! the secret ingredient is.... roasted red bell peppers! cooking light adapted recipe.

Creamy pasta with mushrooms spinach and peas

this is a quick dinner i made one night with what i had in the freezer and fridge regularly. we really enjoyed it. we didn't have any meat, but i will probably make it again with fish or chicken. this...

Easy chicken spaghetti

this recipe is awesome because of its simplicity and great flavor! ps - it can also be an oamc recipe, just freeze it in a couple of large ziploc bags after you mix it all together, thaw overnight, and...

Campbells chicken zucchini

i got this off the back of a campbells soup can of course...looks yummy! placing on this site for safe keeping:)

Everything lo mein

again, a rachael ray recipe. this looks delicious.

Turkey tetrazzini can use chicken too pioneer woman ree drummo

this recipe is from the bookthe pioneer woman cooks a year of holidays by ree drummond. it is really a nice rendition of the turkey tetrazzini dish to make for an easy meal, to use leftovers, or just...

Citrus sesame noodle salad

this is refreshing, colorful, pasta salad that is low calorie and heart healthy. want to turn this salad into a main course? just add some cooked shrimp, chicken, or pork.

Pasta alla amatriciana

a fairly easy and tasty pasta dish from sunset. it uses ingredients you may have on hand.

Creamy chicken fajita pasta

ok, i know that this recipe uses cajun seasonings, not fajita seasonings, but i'm sure you could substitute if you want - i find them very similar anyway. this recipe was inspired by the very popular...

Cyt skinny spaghetti meatballs

from the lifetime television series cook yourself thin. *note: cook time is estimated as i have not yet made this recipe.

Broccoli spaghetti

i got this from an italian co-worker after having it at a work pot-luck. the flavor is really intense, and this can be served as either a side-dish or a meatless meal-in-itself. you can really use any...


this dish is a one pot meal that all seem to love! i'm not gonna brag but i've made this by request so many times.

Cold and spicy sesame noodles

another one of rachael ray's from her 30 minute meals show. can be made mild easily. easy to make and delicious! this goes wonderfully with her thai chicken wraps, which i have also posted.

Creamy parmesan garlic shrimp

from another website. this recipe uses frozen pre-cooked shrimp and they were great. kids and dh liked this a lot. i served this with linguine.

Pasta mama

from hugo's restaurant,

Arugula pesto pasta

from cucina italiana, this is a quick weeknight meal

Creamy fiesta spaghetti

i love spaghetti casseroles and this one has more flavor with the chili powder in the sauce. the evaporated milk poured over the top melts into the cheese and makes it extra creamy.

Eggplant pasta bake

this is a bit quicker than making eggplant lasagna. simple ingredients make this a quick weeknight meal. great as a main dish or serve it with some chicken for a wonderful meal.

Peruvian tallarines saltados

this is an easy flavorful south american recipe. fun for an exotic change. time to make does not include the time it takes to marinate the beef or cook the pasta.

Lemon and parsley spaghetti with shrimp

i found this recipe in the february 2008 copy of bbc good food magazine. i think it sounds like it would make a nice romantic meal for two or something light and healthy on a summer's evening.

Chili prawn and tomato spaghetti

this has all the components that i just love, so saving here for future use, from super food ideas. in the preparation time i have allowed for peeling the prawns.

Lobster pasta

i had a whole steamed lobster left over from valentine's day, so i used it in this quick, easy microwave recipe.

Chicken parm meatballs and spaghetti

spruce up your spaghetti and meatballs with this chicken parm meatball alternative! {rachel ray}

Student spag bol

i'm currently living off this at uni, i make up a big batch and freeze what i don't use. lasts about a fortnight with just me eating. it's my mum's recipe and the only thing i never mess up.

Leftover spaghetti

i always have leftover spaghetti. this recipe is so delishious and simple you may not want to wait till you have left over spaghetti.

Mexicali spaghetti bake

i love how the worcestershire sauce gives a unique kick to this spaghetti. try this when you get tired of ordinary spaghetti!

Yankee goulash ziti

sausage & pepperoni added in gives this pasta dish a scrumptious change of pace. fantastic for pot luck. throw some shredded mozzarella cheese in, give it a stir and viĆ²la! (even better if you make it...

Spaghetti with tomatoes garlic and feta cheese

a great summer pasta dish. the feta cheese is a wonderful match for the tomatoes, and the heat of the spaghetti and garlic oil makes the cheese soft. this is a recipe you can change to your own likes....

Spaghetti piccata

this recipe was on the back of a pkg. of spaghetti that i'd gotten from sam's club. it's great for a light dinner, or when you want to get supper on the table personally prefer to use fresh herbs whenever...

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