Top recipes for "Superbowl"

Cuban pizza

this is the most delicious homemade pizza i've eaten. it's a borrowed recipe i tweaked to make lower sodium. it is versatile. it makes a lot of sauce, so you can either make the whole lot or you can...

Cran appledorf

a wonderful and easy side dish to serve with poultry. comes together in minutes and has a very attractive presentation.


this is a tangy and sweet sandwich filling that can also be made with lean ground beef or turkey, or be made vegetarian by substituting soy crumbles and vegetarian worcestershire sauce. it's quick (prep...


great cocktail...make sure to serve some snacks with this! recipe from the chicago sun-times.

Christmas chili

from u of alabama's

Chocolate mascarpone brownies

these are, in a word, sublime. this is not a recipe to cut back on the quality of the ingredients; since you're going to be buying mascarpone cheese anyway (which isn't cheap), go for the gold and buy...

Easy crock pot meatball subs

this is a very easy recipe. you can use your own meatballs that you have frozen or you can buy already prepared frozen meatballs.

Easy caramel popcorn

i like to make this for football parties or for any casual get togethers. it turns out great every time! make it ahead of time and put it in zip-lock bags to keep fresh and crunchy.

Easy baked crab dip

you can also make this using cooked shrimp in place of crab and also imitation crab can be use for this, but the real crab is of coarse much better! this dip is best served with ritz crackers. your guests...

Dove kabobs

it's just dovely

Citrus vodka

here is a great recipe that can be used in martinis, orange juice, lemonade, or straight-up! choosing a bottle with a wider neck will help in the placing of the citrus peel inside. enjoy!

Crisp spiced nuts

i make up double batches of these delicious nuts during the holidays and for parties - they go very fast!

Deli hero sandwich

my family could eat this sandwich every day of the week! adjust all ingredients to taste, the sandwich needs to chill for 30 minutes or longer before slicing and serving, servings is estimated and prep...

Creamy shrimp dip

nice for parties or superbowl gatherings. always a treat.

Easiest chip dip ever

this dip was actually a complete accident, but i have loved it ever since!

Creamy garlic red potato salad

this is a great tasty potato salad for a summer day. great with grilled steak, chicken, or fish. it is best if made early in the day if you are serving it for dinner! prep time includes minimum refrigeration...

Dirty banana cake

the 'dirt' on this cake is that it's wonderful! actually, it's the coffee frosting...a 3-layer banana cake filled with banana buttercream and iced with that wickedly dirty frosting...2die4!

Chorizo sandwich squares

here's a great football sunday sandwich! serve with refried beans and mexican rice. you can cut squares smaller for appys as well.

Dawg variations

a buffet of hot dogs and sausages with different variations to suit all your pigskin parties. want some burgers with that? try recipe #261325 :)

Easy clam dip

this recipe is my husbands favorite and it is very easy to make.

Crab triangles

a nice appetizer to serve at a dinner party, or a family appetizer

Cocktail nuts

from farmer's almanac

Decibel dip

this is very tasty and a very pretty dip (serve in glass bowl. no cook tim--just chilling time.

Domino brownies

something you can play and eat, double the enjoyment!

Creamy coleslaw with bell peppers red onion

although i usually think of coleslaw as a summertime side dish, it seems to go really well with my super bowl spread. i serve pulled pork with baked beans and some of this lovely, creamy coleslaw, then...

Pepperoni and cheese rolls made with pizza dough

adjust all ingredients to taste to taste. the amount of pepperoni and mozzeralla cheese you use will depend on how large your slices are, so the amounts listed are only estimated. salami may be used in...

Crispy fried potato wedges

i leave the skin on for extra flavor but you can peel the potatoes if desired. use one large slice of onion but do not chop as the onion slice will be removed before frying the potato wedges. plan ahead...

Diabetic date squares

a quick and easy snack recipe, from the splenda company; suitable for any diets requiring reduced sugar; diabetic diets particularly.

Healthier boiled and broiled buffalo chicken wings

this recipe is a combination of several different methods that i have used over the years trying to lighten up wings and still keep them crispy while finishing in the oven. it takes a little prep time...

Super bowl burgers

posted in response to a request.

Spoon pizza

i used to throw this together on some of our houseboat trips. the boys would devour it in minutes-lunch or dinner. its, very easy, inexpensive and a kid pleaser!

Azure seas

a delicious drink!

Cinnamon crispas

crunchy cinnamon-sugar snacks like my girls love to get at taco bell...yummy for snacks, dessert, slumber parties, football parties, or 'just cause.' great with mexican hot chocolate! :o)

Creamy amaretto dip

i stole this from a cookbook at my mother's place. it sounds like it would be great to dip fresh fruit into at a party. i am thinking some strawberries would be particularly nice with it.

Buffalo chicken cheese dip

this dip is very simple to make and is always a hit at every party i've brought it to

Moist brownies

very moist but fattening, can substitute the oil for applesauce for a lower fat version

Curried pecans

an excellent snack for most any occasion--holidays, camping, sporting event get togethers, lunchboxes, etc. we can't stop eating them! these make a great gift, just cut a piece of cellophane and wrap into...

Crock pot meaty cheese dip

excellent recipe for a party snack.

Creamy crunchy chicken

this is a 4 year old's delight. my daughter (and everyone else) loves this chicken. she will eat it anytime, anyplace. how can you go wrong with ritz crackers and chicken?

Crock pot shredded beef sandwiches

great shredded beef sandwiches! especially good with provolone or swiss cheese. recipe from "quick cooking" magazine.

Bears style sub

as in chicago bears. this is what we noshed on while watching them in the playoffs.

Potato skin poppers

a new twist on the potato skins you get at restaurants. perfect appetizer for a party or before the big game!

Coconut lime pie with coconut macadamia crust

here's another recipe that takes me back to bequia (although the recipe originally came from bon appetit!). freezer time for the crust is not included nor is the chilling time for the pie.

Delicious baked artichoke spinach dip

just wait until your guests taste this dip, they will be clambering for more, make certain to drain the artichokes and spinach very well, if you do not want any heat then omit the tabasco sauce or you...

Broiled roast beef sandwiches on garlic buns

this may be made using sliced turkey or chicken in place of roast beef, i prefer the beef better --- leftover roast beef, thinly sliced steak or deli roast beef will work for this, if you don't have a...

Quick cheese loaf

this is great with steak or barbecued ribs!

Roast beef blue cheese and caramelised onion bagels

adapted from a recipe in the pre-christmas issue of the australian magazine 'new idea' which contained several recipes which make good use of christmas day leftovers. this recipe could, of course, be...

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