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Cuban pizza

this is the most delicious homemade pizza i've eaten. it's a borrowed recipe i tweaked to make lower sodium. it is versatile. it makes a lot of sauce, so you can either make the whole lot or you can...

Cracker salad

quick, easy and few ingredients that fool the palet into thinking there are many more ingredients in it.

Cheese tortellini with cherry tomatoes

this simple and delicious pasta dish is adapted from vegetarian times magazine. one thing i didn't change was the onion powder - i rarely cook with it, and i didn't substitute it here only because i was...

Crusted tex mex chicken breasts

here's a quick chicken dish thats great with refried beans and traditional mexican rice. enjoy!

Chunky salsa

this salsa is quick and delicious. adjust ingredients to your liking, especially the hot sauce. great as a dip or a side.

Clear tomato soup

this recipe is so simple, but so yummy. it is very satisfying on a cold night, and comes in handy when you want to make something quick and flavorful. this is my own recipe which i developed because when...

Salsa de picante

our newest family member brought this picante sauce and homemade tamales to christmas dinner. it was fabulous. i begged her for the recipe and now we keep a jar in the fridge all the time. this does have...

Chunky taco soup

this easy taco soup is full of flavor. it tastes even better the second day. note: if you want it more soupier you can add another small can of tomato sauce.

Fish provencale

this is a family favourite from an old bh&g cookbook. i normally use sole, but you can substitute with whatever fish you prefer or is available.

Creamy salsa

this is a very good and creamy salsa that my mom discovered. when i make it, i never seem to make enough. if you are a health nut, like all my recipes, please don't even look!!!!!!! ha ha

Dipping sauce

serve this sauce along side your buffalo style chicken wings.

Dill salsa

this is the easiest way to get all your favorite hotdog or hamburger toppings in one spoonful. i make this everytime i make hotdogs on the boat and get great raves. it's so good you can eat it as a side...

Chicken satay goes to rio

this is my third attempt at a main dish recipe for rsc#9. my tasters gave the other two recipes four stars. this one got five. it has been inspired by recipes from brazil and malaysia. there are a lot...

Double t blt

another recipe i've discovered in my quest to find reasons to use oven-dried tomatoes. this was developed in the chicago tribune test kitchen.

Crockpot black bean tortilla soup

an easy vegetarian version of tortilla soup. i'm writing it here in its basic, mild form, but you can turn up the heat by adding tabasco, using a hot enchilada sauce, or throwing in some diced jalapeno...

Cottonpicker tomato soup

this soup is served as an appetizer at the cottonpicker restaurant in burlington, wi. yes, it calls for canned soup, but the blend of flavors is so tasty, i usually double this recipe. when i have fresh,...

Crock pot minestrone soup

i found this on another site-sounds tasty & healthy!

Curried pumpkin soup

this recipe came from 'joan bishops's new zealand crockpot and slow cooker cookbook'. it is very easy and not as high in fat as some pumpkin soups, but doesn't lose any of that great flavour. the author...

Doggy relish

this is a variation on sabrett hot dogs that are enjoyed by thousands of new yorkers every day on almost every street corner, and by the tv character ben matlock. if you have ever seen the show, you'll...

Crab tartlets

this gives 30 tartlets, enough for 8 people. recipe can be halves easily.

Creole cabbage

i have not tried this one yet. i like stove top recipes and this one looks easy.

Speedy gonzales chicken soup

no, this soup doesn't have mouse in it! it's a mexican style tomato-based chicken soup with corn and chillies. it earns its name by taking only half an hour to cook. you can use fresh, canned or frozen...

Creamy tomato cheese soup with croutons

comfort food!! have this special soup anytime of the year. combine with a sandwich for a meal! the flavor of the tomatoes and cheese, along with the croutons is superb! to get full flavor do use the...

Chunky italian tomato dip

this recipe was given to me by my italian fil. i don’t measure when i make this, i just eyeball it. so if you wish to make any adjustments to the amounts, feel free. eat it with a crusty or toasted italian...

Crock pot short ribs and cabbage stew

a beefy, sweet, spicy un-thickened stew topped with short ribs. try mashing up your potatoes in the sauce with a fork - a left over penchant from my childhood.

Chunky one

a very nutritious "chunky" salad with no oil. it's a chunky one because one of each ingredient is required.

Ci shrimp fra diavolo

entered for safe-keeping, as shrimp fra diavolo is one of my favorite dishes. this was published in the january/february 2014 cook's illustrated magazine. it's different from the other recipes posted...

Dill pickle salsa

this is one out of my recipe files from gourmet class. we had to come up with something "different". what's more different than salsa made with a dill pickle? but, it is good, even if i do say so myself....

Dirty sriracha bloody mary

from diane & todd's white on rice food blog. this is wonderful. they recommend infusing your vodka with freshly grated horseradish 5-7 days prior to making this drink, but if you want one right away then...

Easy cauliflower and tomatoes au gratin

can be made ahead and uses canned tomatoes. from "cooking for love" submitted by susan nycum. this can be made ahead and it freezes well. if frozen, defrost and reheat at 350 until bubbly.

Crock pot slow cooker or stove top chicken spaghetti

a versatile and tasty dish, either simmered on the stove 1 - 2 hours or in a crock pot for several hours while you're away. this recipe is equally good served over rice. serve with a large green salad...

Chow chow

we grew a ton of tomatoes this last season. there were still blooms on the plants in november when we got our first frost. but andy was on top of things and ran outside and plucked off all the remaining...

Dhall lentil tomato curry

australian woman's weekly dinner party cookbook.

Cooked red salsa

this is a great shortcut salsa. try it as written before you tinker with it - it's deceptively good. the garlic salt really is the key. i love this with plain cheese quesadillas.

Danablu tomatoes

tomatoes stuffed with a combination of apples, celery, and blue cheese.

Creamy roast veggie pasta

a great creamy pasta which is low fat. i was looking for something different for my diabetic husband and he loved it, as did all the family. it's quite easy also. i have added ham & mushroom to the garlic...

Double tomato bruschetta

bruschetta is a traditional italian item in which small slices of bread are topped with such things as tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese, as is the case in this delightful recipe.

Chinese eggs and tomatoes

this classic chinese dish is so simple, but full of flavor! it's one of my favorites, and i order it with nearly every meal in china. you can have this as a side dish, or even a main dish over rice....

Creamy pepper tomato spinach with peanut butter

pepper, tomato and spinach flavored with peanuts! this is an african dish!

Ez cheesy taco mac

short on time and ingredients, i whipped this together with what i had on hand. it beats hamburger helper hands down, even my picky teen had seconds! didn't think to take a picture until the pan was...

Cucumber cilantro pasta salad

so cool and refreshing. if you like spicy, you can add 1-2 tsp chopped jalapeno.

Creamy avocado and cherry tomato toast

i have just pulled my head out of the avocado sand and discovered that i really like them. so, i have been experimenting with ways to use them in my diet. this was this morning's breakfast. for some...

Crock pot picadillo

prepare this ahead of time, plug in and cook when needed. freeze leftovers. serve over rice or use as tortilla filling (with cheese, salsa etc) or for quick burritos

Costco quinoa salad

we love costco's quinoa salad so i was thrilled when i stumbled across the recipe in it's best to make this salad the day before you plan to serve it to give the grains time to absorb...

Crock pot moroccan cornish game hens

this is a delicious way to serve something a little exotic without slaving over a hot stove with complex recipes. serve this with your favorite hummous and pita bread along side a spinach salad.

Cretan green beans

green beans and tomatoes. sprinkle with some crumbled feta cheese, if desired.

Curried tomato relish

this is a gorgeous relish to go with most meats and fabulous in sandwiches with cheese, great to serve as a relish with cheese and antipasto platter.

Classic chili

from my mom. amounts are estimates

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