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Club wraps

another great recipe from southern living. we have these for a quick, easy lunch when we are on the go. omit any ingredient that is not to your liking. add what you like. very flexible.


a sandwich that would be fit for dagwood, for those of us who at least remember him!

Coca cola basted turkey breast

who knew that coca-cola could make the most wonderful turkey breast? take a walk on the wild side and try this!

Turkey and black bean burgers

from simply delicious magazine.

Incredible turkey chili

this is a recipe a friend made for me when i just had my daughter. ever since then, my husband doesn't want any other chili.

Drunk turkey

this is a spin off of a southern tradition, drunk chicken. the turkey stays so juicy and truly absorbs every bit of seasoning.

Club panini

can be made in a frying pan or grill (the george foreman type) i found this recipe on the net, changed it a bit and at the moment it is an addiction! i like it brushed with the olive oil but my preference...

Cucumber turkey burgers

i wanted a burger but something more healthy than beef, & with a twist. i came up with these & they're great!

Crock pot caribbean style black beans

easy recipe for a weeknight meal. throw everything in crock pot in the morning and your meal's ready when you arrive home from work or school. serve with hot cooked rice; tossed salad on the side. source...

Cobb salad pitas

this is a drop-dead, out of this world recipe! original recipe called for 2 1/2 pounds of diced cooked chicken. i simplified it by using smoked turkey from the deli.

Citrus and herb roast turkey breast

a little different from most roast turkey recipes -- a great recipe for any special occasion. if you don't have reisling wine, any good white wine can be used.

Cool noodles with vietnamese garnishes

this recipe comes from the thai city of chai phumi, which has a large vietnamese population. it is one of my favorite summertime specials at saffron, a wonderful thai restaurant in san diego.

Crunchy turkey strips with maple mustard dipping sauce

i defrosted turkey cutlets. next, i found a potential recipe. then i altered that recipe. this is what i did. this is easily doubled. it received rave reviews. if you don't have buttermilk, use whole...

Rockin cheddar ranch turkey burgers

wonderfully flavorful burgers!

Crunchy turkey bake

great for leftover turkey! garnish with parsley. serves 8.

Copycat john alden rollwich

if you've ever been to cape cod, you've almost certainly either seen or eaten at one of the many box lunch franchises in the area. this is my recreation of one of their famous "rollwiches", scaled down...

Creamy turkey potato casserole

very easy and so delicious! this makes a lot, so it is a great way to feed many people with just a few cups of meat.

Diet right b l t

this is a lowfat, healthy, affordable meal by one of my students, holly, made for a sandwich contest.

Chow yuk

i've been making this ever since i was first married (18+ years so far) and my family never gets tired of this.

Crock pot turkey breast

super simple and super tasty.

Crisp fried wild turkey breast

an easy way to cook that wild turkey your mighty hunter brings home. from texas highways magazine posted in response to a recipe request. cooking time is approximate.

Low fat italian meatloaf

i'm on the atkins diet, so i follow a lot of low fat/no carb dishes. these are ones i make myself, ... trial and error. this was a success. my family loves this italian version of a meat loaf that i make...

Crock pot turkey stuffed bell peppers

this is a great recipe for stuffed peppers, low-fat because it's made with ground turkey instead of beef. it's super easy because it's prepared in the crockpot! it calls for green peppers but i like it...

Dried cherry chili

this recipe, which i haven't made yet, comes from the cherry marketing institute and is loaded with antioxidants. they recommend that you garnish with corn strips, red onion and avocado. it could be made...

Do ahead white wine and sage turkey gravy 2007

from the october 2007 issue of good housekeeping magazine. an updated version of gh's 2002 "the best (do-ahead) turkey gravy" (recipe # 42402). for extra added flavor, add pan juices from the roasted...

Colbys turkey breast cheese sandwich

a kid friendly lunch sandwich

Christmas dinner soup modified by twissis

this recipe from the new covent garden food co new book "soup for all seasons" is a twist on traditional turkey leftovers. it stars your leftovers in a lightly creamed soup that i modified to be a bit...

Cobb salad

this is not a low cal salad! but it is a delicious one-bowl meal for a hot summer night.

Cocktail turkey meatballs

meatballs made with ground turkey in a tangy barbecue style sauce. serve warm with toothpicks for a tasty appetizer.

Easiest chicken pot pie

great on a cold night when you want comfort food!

Crock pot turkey verde

i do love green chilies. i was happy to find this simple recipe for green (verde) chile turkey. this is not too spicy and makes wonderful wrap sandwiches. i also use it for main dish servings with mashed...


this is in response to a new thread in the q&a. it is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. all with stuffing in between. i am posting this without having tried it (yes i know the bad...

Cool turkey salad for pita or sandwich

this came from a sun-maid raisin advertisement. i'm sure this would be just as lovely with chicken breast.

Cranberry turkey meatloaf

i concocted this recipe for a change from the usual ground beef meatloaf. it is easy to prepare, moist and tasty.

Country meatloaf

unknown where this came from, probably the tabasco sauce website since it uses their 7 spice brand of tomatoes.

Curried turkey strips

a recipe i threw together when nothing else seemed tasty that night. turned out quite delicious! serve with a curry yogurt dip...

Creole dirty rice clean eating

this is out of the may/june 2010 clean eating magazine. if you like heat double the amount of cajun seasoning and add some cayenne pepper to taste. cooking time does not include overnight soaking of bean....

Brined and roasted thanksgiving turkey with simple gravy

for succulent meat, brine the bird. stop your turkey from being dry by brining it and not overcooking it. also,when serving roasted chicken, you can brine it first to keep it moist. brining means your...

Thanksgiving turkey meatloaf

a delicious optical illusion turning meatloaf into a thanksgiving centerpiece.

Crock pot lemon turkey breast

this makes a tangy flavored meat for sandwiches and salads. marinade could be used for chicken breast, also. adjust cooking time down.

Turkey philly sandwiches

you can also add sliced mushrooms to the pan with the onion and bell pepper. serve with dill pickles and chips.

Creamy turkey vegetable soup

in response to request. this turkey soup is a work in progress. i try to perfect whenever a turkey is cooked. there is usually a bit of meat left over on the carcus, which we debone and cut up the meat...then...

Instant pot turkey chili

using dark meat turkey ensures a perfect chili.

Campbells chicken zucchini

i got this off the back of a campbells soup can of course...looks yummy! placing on this site for safe keeping:)

Asian lettuce cups with turkey and green apple

this came from "the steamy kitchen", a site bursting with gorgeous food pics that have me drooling over top my keyboard. this is modern asian cuisine at its best. i've posted this for zwt4. it is a gluten...

Creamy crock pot turkey soup

a "souper" delicious way to use up leftover turkey! don't hesitate to mix in leftover gravy or veggies. left over stuffing? layer it on top of the turkey. no leftover turkey? cook boneless turkey breasts...

Sugar and spice turkey breast with peach chutney

this recipe is from razzle dazzle recipes and is a restaurant recipe from defrancesco's.

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