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Drunk turkey

this is a spin off of a southern tradition, drunk chicken. the turkey stays so juicy and truly absorbs every bit of seasoning.


this is in response to a new thread in the q&a. it is a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. all with stuffing in between. i am posting this without having tried it (yes i know the bad...

Brined and roasted thanksgiving turkey with simple gravy

for succulent meat, brine the bird. stop your turkey from being dry by brining it and not overcooking it. also,when serving roasted chicken, you can brine it first to keep it moist. brining means your...

Cilantro lime leftover turkey stew

this recipe makes a tangy flavor-filled meaty soup that is a great way to use what is left of the thanksgiving bird after the family carnivores are finished with it. i have been developing this recipe...

Roasted turkey

a recipe from the golden door developed by chef tracy ritter and sous chef steven pernetti. enjoy this traditional turkey for thanksgiving or anytime!

Leftover turkey curry

transform cooked turkey into something spicy and special in next to no time with this recipe for turkey curry.

Overnight turkey

the most moist, tender turkey i've ever cooked, and it's so easy. this recipe, which i've been using for many years, was given to me by a friend.

Smoked turkey

my cousin, mike koury, taught me how to smoke turkey about 25 years ago, and i have been doing it ever since. this tastes great! the smell while smoking is guaranteed to drive your neighbors crazy!

Apple sage roast turkey

this is a typical sage roasted turkey with a little bit of an extra punch. this attractive turkey also lends itself to a fantastic gravy.

Deep fried turkey flavor injector marinade

dominick came up with this delicious creation. it was a big hit!

Perfect every time turkey

makes perfect juicy golden brown turkey, if instructions are followed will work consistently each and every time.

Trash can turkey

a whole turkey roasted upright on a stake under a metal trash can. the moistest, tastiest turkey i've ever eaten. this is a boy scout recipe. it's just great!

Moist oven roasted turkey

my family nominated me to make a turkey for easter dinner. since it was my first time to roast a gobbler, i gave the task some thought. the recipe i came up with was well-received by my family. i thought...

Overnight high heat turkey

here's a high-heat alternative--that kills those pesky salmonella bugs--leaving behind nothing but a tasty, moist bird. original recipe comes from *southern-style christmas* by lucinda secrest mcdowell....

Maple roasted turkey smoky sage cornbread stuffing gravy

this recipe was simply too wonderful not to share.a warning, this is a looong and drawn out recipe and it does take some time. it is certainly worth the effort and i'm sure your family will praise you...

Port turkey

i never liked roast turkey until i tried my mil's port turkey. i think you'll like it too.

Turkey everyone raves about

i've adopted this recipe through martha stewart and made it my own. everyone in the family is at my house on 'turkey' holidays because of this recipe. even if you've never cooked a turkey before, this...

Homemade giblet stuffing for turkey or chicken

in my photo you will notice a darker portion of the stuffing; this was the bit that was stuffed into the turkey itself and after roasting it has a crispy outside coating. this is a delicious savoury stuffing...

Turkey joes

this is an updated version of the classic sloppy joe.

Cream of turkey soup

this is a nice and tasty cream of turkey soup. perfect for leftover turkeys bones

Adobo rubbed thanksgiving turkey

this is the way turkey is prepared in puerto rico, where it is seasoned the same way a pork shoulder is. it is called "pavochon", which translates literally as "turkeypork", due to its distinctive flavor....

Bourbon drunken upside down turkey

a great thanksgiving day recipe for cooking & marinading a turkey upside-down, it has pleanty of flavor...and is super moist!!!!...yes moist....this is good for those people who aren't a fan of turkey...

Flipped roast turkey

of all the recipes i've posted on 'zaar, one of the most popular is recipe #98395. for the last several years, i've thought about trying the method described with a turkey, but i always wimped out at...

Turkey dinner casserole

all the leftovers, yum!

Chez panisse brine for pork chicken and turkey

this is a recipe i got from my brother. i haven't tried it yet, but he absolutely raved about it. preparation time does not include brining time. author's notes: leave it to alice waters and her crew...

Brined maple turkey with cream gravy

this appeared in cooking light's november 2002 of my all time favorite cooking light issues (2002 was a particularly spectacular year for cl). this turkey is moist, juicy and incredibly flavorful....

Brined roast turkey with pan gravy

this recipe is courtesy of wolfgang puck. it is the most delicious and moist turkey i've ever eaten. although it is a rather involved recipe, it is well worth the effort!

Best turkey ever brined

my dad has made this turkey for the past 3 years at thanksgiving. this is my 1st thanksgiving at home and i plan on doing it as well. the meat comes out completely juicy and its just amazing!!

Rotisserie turkey

to properly grill a turkey using a rotisserie the unit must be positioned so the heat source is never directly under the bird. the indirect heat will allow the interior portions of the meat to cook thoroughly...

Herb seasoned turkey

this is the moistest turkey i have ever made. the herbs tucked inside the bird and the herb-oil mixture give it a wonderful flavor. allow 3/4 pound uncooked turkey per person. i like to tuck 3 whole...

Creole roast turkey

try this the next time you're in the mood for something a little different for your holiday dinner! it's from a november 1987 issue of bon appetit featuring a "creole thanksgiving". the sensational creole...

Perfect turkey in an electric roaster oven

i never found good information on making a great whole roasted turkey in an electric roaster oven and thought i'd share my tried and true tips for making your holiday turkey moist and beautiful and delicious!...

Turkey deboned and rolled

we have had this for thanksgiving every year since 2001, after seeing chef todd english make this on a martha stewart show. each slice has some dark and some white meat, as well as the tasty stuffing....

Maple apple roasted turkey

sweet, juicy, delicious maple apple roast turkey. this has become a family tradition since the recipe has become so popular in our household. the gravy works great on the turkey and stuffing along with...

Microwaved turkey no i m not kidding

i live in texas and even at thanksgiving and christmas it can be hot enough that several hours with an hot oven can be uncomfortable. so-o-o, i learned to use my microwave oven for preparing complete meals....

Apple cider brined turkey

from the website - diane morgan, the thanksgiving table (chronicle books, 2001). if you would like to purchase this book, please visit chronicle books. "trust me here - you will...

Plain ole turkey

come on - who needs all the extra stuff - just put that turkey in the oven and cook it!

Mouthwatering herb roasted turkey

i have made several turkeys in the past, but i wanted this year's bird to be extra special. so i search many recipes and finally decided on 5 of them. i combined what i like the most in all of them to...

Best apple cider brined turkey

this will be the best roasted turkey you’ve had, hands down! i prefer this over deep fried turkey as it is about as moist and has much more flavor to it. i compliment this turkey by serving giblet gravy,...

Roast chicken pasta and grape salad

this recipe is a family favorite. it is based on one from my grandparents and was introduced to me by my dad, who really enjoyed it growing up. originally a tradition to use the leftover turkey from thanksgiving,...

High roasted turkey

cooks in 80-100 minutes with crisp skin, very moist. from cooks illustrated.

Next day turkey pot pie

i use this recipe to get rid of all that left over turkey after thanksgiving. you can do this with any leftover poultry maybe even beef or pork though i'm not trying it. ^>^

Easy smoked turkey

every bit as good as any fancy meat store. we always buy an extra turkey when they're on sale, for this purpose. makes great snacky food for when company's over, for sandwiches, game day--whatever. ...

Lets talk turkey

as a young bride, i didn't have a clue what to do with a turkey or even a whole chicken. i made many mistakes (i even left the gizzards in the body cavity) but i've come a long way since then! when posting...

Honey brined smoked turkey

recipe courtesy alton brown, 2004 see this recipe on air tuesday nov. 13 at 12:00 am et/pt. show: food network specials episode: all star thanksgiving

Roast turkey with herb butter and caramelized onion gravy

wonderful sweet gravy; for those looking for something a bit different than traditional turkey gravy. or skip the gravy recipe and make the herb butter and use the pan drippings to create your own gravy...

Turkey pizza

fresh! healthy! with a hint of lime and chilli or fresh mint and cranberry; your choice. make sure you use mozzerella cheese so that the pizza will come out of the oven dry and delecious not soggy and...

White wine basted turkey

from a kc star newspaper article, originally a ms recipe

Spicy turkey samosas with cranberry and pepper chutney

samosa is not a new word for a average american or canadian like jamaican beef patties. it is an indian appetizer known to all. this is a great post christmas or thanksgiving recipe good if you are hosting...

Rotisserie chicken or turkey

i cannot say enough about this way of cooking poultry. the outside skin is crisp and the inside is fall off the bone juicy.

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