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Top secret reicpes version of kfc wings by todd wilbur

from the colonel decided that wings were going to be a good thing to serve and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. the honey barbecue wings are tasty . after...

Crispy parmesan wings

found this "yummy" sounding recipe in woman's world.

Crock pot chicken paprikash with dumplings

this recipe i got from my mother. she made it on top of the stove, i adapted it to the crock pot. this is much easier for people that have busy life's but all have to eat. remember to laugh. you can omit...

Healthier boiled and broiled buffalo chicken wings

this recipe is a combination of several different methods that i have used over the years trying to lighten up wings and still keep them crispy while finishing in the oven. it takes a little prep time...

Citrus soy chicken wings

this is so yummy! i got this recipe from my husband's aunt, who makes this for parties. note: it's not quite as labor intensive as it sounds. i guessed at the number of servings, which i really have...

Apricot glazed sriracha wings

i found these online and tried them because we love all things sriracha and wow! they are amazing wings! note the prep times includes marinating!

Ranch wings

simple and tasty...came up with this as i was cleaning the fridge out one night.

Who by fire

these screaming hot chicken wings can be made hot, hotter and scorching hot by adding more hot pepper sauce and/or ground red pepper.

Copycat kfc honey bbq wings by todd wilbur

update: this recipe was created by todd wilbur for his cookbook "even more top secret recipes" (penguin random house 2002).

Grilled spicy apricot chicken wings

marinate one hour but best if allowed to marinate overnight.

Pineapple chicken wings

this is an easy appetizer or meal to put together. we often have it served with rice. my family loves chicken wings!

Wing dingers

another crowd pleaser from mr. food. my bunch can't get enough.

Crunchy devilish wings baked

this is from one of my favorite cooking shows 'best recipes ever'

Taco mac buffalo hot wings

my husband loves taco mac. we moved to denver recently and no taco mac.this is my attempt to duplicate them for him. he loved them so i guess they are close.

Chinesey chicken wings

this economical main dish can be baked a little quicker if you prefer. try 375 degrees for 1 hour if you are in a hurry. this recipe comes from the garlic lovers cookbook. gilroy,ca the garlic capital...

Bahama breeze jamaican grilled chicken wings

they're gggggrrreeeeeaaattt!!!!

Hot and spicy chicken wings

better than the packaged variety. don't skimp on the hot sauce, it mellows with cooking.

Wings of fire with horseradish dipping sauce or bleu cheese

this is pat neely's recipe and he likes it hot! he seasons both the wings and the batter with cayenne, red pepper flakes, black pepper and even a little hot sauce. can you take the heat? from down home...

Siamese chicken drumettes

this recipe originally came from better homes and gardens. our dil leah made it for our dinner last night-this is her recipe with modifications. bh&g say it is great for a picnic, or can be served as a...

Firecracker wings

this is my mom's 4th of july specialty... requested every year. these are easy to make, and provide a unique twist to traditional hot wings

Korean wings

a very simple recipe.

Grilled hot sweet and sticky chicken wings

the name says it all for these wings. these are easy and tasty....quite spicy for the heat lovers...decrease the amounts of tabasco and chili powder if you can't take the heat! prep time does not include...

Spicy chinese chicken wings

these spicy, tangy chicken wings are always one of the first items to fly off our buffet.

Chicken wings with honey soy and sesame

great as an appetizer and scaled up, perfect for party nibbles, these sticky chicken wings are simply superb!

Best ever buffalo wings

can be made ahead and heated for 20 minutes before serving.

Buffalo wings

this is perfect for watching football games.

Easy japanese chicken wings

these are great to serve to a crowd, you can make them ahead and keep warm in the oven. no need to add in salt to the flour mixture as the soy sauce is salty enough. double the recipe if desired. servings...

Chicken wings with good breading

this is a very good wing recipe

Za atar honey wings or thighs oven roasted

oven roasted wings (or thighs) with a sprinkle of this and a sprinkle of that -- and at the end drizzled with honey and lemon! yum! :) for easy cleanup, roast wings on parchment paper -- look for za'atar...

Dutch oven hot peglegs and wings chicken

the short of the story: these are hot wings that fall off the bone. some people do not like it when the wings are "wet" and these are definitely wet and drippy... but man, are they ever delicious! i buy...

Crispy breaded and baked chicken wings

i like my wings baked and not fried. these are very tasty and crispy. for easier cleanup, line pan with foil and spray with nonstick spray.

Chicken lollipops

this is the winning recipe of this week in the thursday magazine. it was submitted by pramila monteiro.

Honey chipotle glazed wings

tasty wings with a hint of honey and the smokey delicious flavor of tabasco chipotle.

Chicken soup

this is a great comfort food to my family when they feel "under the weather"--also makes a great soup base. i always serve this with alphabets and matzoh balls.

Oriental sticky chicken wings

i got this recipe years ago from an old neighbor. i am putting here for safe keeping and easy access.

Chinese five spice chicken wings with cilantro sauce

chef dave lieberman of the food network says of this recipe: "as much as i love the classic, tangy wings, i have to say these are right up there with them. these couldn't get much easier either. all i...

Chicken wings oriental

i always get compliments when i serve these. they have a good sweet/ sour flavor that isn't overpowering (actually more sweet than sour). very quick and easy to throw together. (prep time includes marinating...

Heidelberg wings

our favorite college hangout has been the heidelberg for years and these wings are pretty close to the ones we have eaten there on a weekly basis

Buffalo chicken wings with a blue cheese dip

a favourite appetizer, be a devil and use lotsa spice, the dip cools the wings down! prep time includes marinading.

Mango habanero hot wings

sweet and spicy! great party food

Paula deens fried chicken

this recipe came from paula deen who has a cooking show on the food network. this chicken is so good. the house seasoning is made in bulk. you can store this for several months.

Sweet hot mustard chicken wings

i was on a hunt for a recipe that was similar to one that we love from a restaurant called oregano's in arizona...i found this one on allrecipes's real close...i added an option (in step 5) this...

Baked hot wings

i was looking to find a recipe that was not overpoweringly spicy, somewhat healthy and less messy than wings doused in sauce. this is what i came up with. once cooked, the wings can be put in a crock...

Spicy wings

you'll need to have extra napkins on hand for these. serve as a main dish, or as an appetizer.

Teriyaki chicken wings oamc

this was one of my first oamc recipe. i love this recipe. the ease of preparation and taste are real winners.

Daytona wings baked teriyaki style chicken wings

growing up in a family of race fans, watching the daytona 500 on tv was something we always looked forward to. mom always made these wings to snack on during the race. once upon a time these were called...

Chicken wings

this is a family favorite and makes a large amount. so have people over when you make these!

Baton rouge chicken wings

easy and great for entertaining. plan ahead as chicken wings need to marinade for 2 hours.

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